About Us

Mobilizing community resources to assist those in need in the community.

LEDC has helps businesses to obtain access to case management Coaching, access to Capital, and providing Connections to building their business. In this way, LEDC acts as a direct liaison between business owners and resources to support them. To this end, business partnerships have been sought to create a unique team of business professionals.  The team will consist of 20 entrepreneurial business partners and business coaches in the community, who will work with grantees to ensure they can access the support and professionals they need to help their businesses grow.  These individuals have the skills and expertise to guide and coach business owners in all areas of successful entrepreneurship and help business owners undertake activities that lead to expansion.


The Team and Our Resources:

Human resources professionals, accountants, financial coaches, marketing specialists, social media/content creators, business/personal coaches, behavioral/mental health support, and individuals to assist in providing city certificates, LLC applications, and notary services.  These resources represent an ecosystem of support and guidance that Latino businesses can draw from and depend on as their businesses grows or begins.  The Latino Economic Development Corporation is further committed to ensuring success of Latino businesses and providing necessary ongoing support.  Therefore, LEDC will continue to support grantees for up to 24 months to ensure proper guidance and to protect investments in each business.

If you are interested in applying for grant funds from LEDC, please click the link below.  You will be taken to a Google Form (Google account required) to complete the application.  Once you finish, click the Submit button and your responses will be recorded and directed to LEDC.

Latino Economic Development Corporation - Grant Application